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Video Portfolio Part 1 - Graphics & Animation

Nothing To Anyone - Album Preview - All 10 Songs

Red House - Live 18 Aug 2018

Little Words Solo

CPB Muff War

Innocent from Nothing To Anyone played on my '59 Les Paul Junior

Jamming to Pink Floyd Pigs backing track with my '78 Les Paul

My new Vinnie Telecaster Relic - Comfortably Numb 2nd Solo

Aussie Floyd - Pigs Solo - Canada 2014

Another Brick In The Wall Part II Solo II - Using Stratocaster 0001 Relic

My 1972 Telecaster Custom

Sorrow Guitar Solo

Astronomy Domine - Live in Germany 2016

Sorrow - Live in Germany 2016

The First Side Of The Wall - Performed by The Australian Pink Floyd

Wish You Were Here - Live in Germany 2016

Comfortably Numb - Live in Germany 2016

Hey You - Live in Germany 2016

What Do You Want From Me performed by the Australian Pink Floyd Show 2013

CATS in SPACE - The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

First September by Audial

Welcome to the Machine Animation for The Australian Pink Floyd Show

The Making Of Pixel Noise

Pixel Noise - Music from Images

Pixel Noise Preview - Parts 5 & 6 - Music from Images

Pixel Noise (Music from Images) - Computerphile

MIDI & Digital Music Making - Computerphile

Pink Floyd Guitar Rig - The Racket

Producers, what do they do? - The Racket

Why Mistakes are Good! - The Racket

Australian Pink Floyd Guitarist - The Racket