David Domminney Fowler

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Domminney 2006 - 2007

Domminney was a great band with friends Jan Jensen and Si Bigg.

I started doing a solo band after Juice split up where I played piano as well as guitar. Si originally played guitar and Mike Unwin was on bass, but after a double booking Mike was unavailable so Si played bass and we did it as a 3 piece.

Up until this point most of the recordings were done by me at home with either programmed drums or Jan overdubbing live drums at a later time. When we played as a 3 piece it had a feel that I could not achieve on my own so we went to Rogue Studios in Germany to record an album pretty much live. There were a few keyboard overdubs and the odd song got a bit more production but it's pretty raw. Some of the material ended up on my album Post-Everything.

Maybe the familiarity of being in a 3 piece band after Juice led me to stop the idea of being a solo artist and just be the guitarist and singer of a band again.

It's a shame we didn't get to do more gigs, but that is life I guess.