David Domminney Fowler

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Juice 2000 - 2005

Juice was my first proper band. I mean no disrespect to people I was in bands with earlier than Juice, but to be fair Juice kicked their arse.....

It was a pleasure to spend around 5 years in a band with Andres Luengo and Nick Mahoney. We wrote some great tunes, played some cool places and had all the ups and downs of any serious unsigned band.

We toured, supported, played TV shows, did radio shows, were featured in magazines and recorded a lot.

A few of the old Juice tracks (some as far back as 2000 I think) feature on my album Post-Everything.

It was a sad day when Juice ended, briefly changing the name to Garden State 78 until we finally disbanded.

Highlights include playing the Oxford University summer ball, touring Portugal, releasing If I Knew and Again as a double single and hitting my head on the fake helicopter above the stage in the Roadhouse in Covent Garden whilst jumping a bit too high. I was dizzy for a good minute after that.

We played regularily with many bands, noteably Cooper Brown who were probably the band we played with the most.