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Other Bands

I have played in many other bands over the years and with many different artists as guitarist, vocalist, bass player and keyboard player. Here is a list of some of the more notable, siginificant and memorable moments.


Dave Philipps - Bass & Guitar, Paul Fiddian - Guitar & Vocals, Terry Allen - Keyboards & Vocals, Will Allen - Drums, Steve Mason - Drums, Nic Moulin - Drums

It all started in 1994 with Diversion. I'd been playing guitar for around 4 years before I formed my first real band. I'd played a few gigs with friends before but this was a real band. 2 guitars, bass, keyboards and drums. 3 of us sang and we arranged our harmonies pretty well for our age.

Over the next few years we played many pubs, clubs and theatres until we eventually split up in 1999.

Diversion morphed into Juice through Roam and Room 1.

Unfortunately there are still people with Diversion albums out there, do yourself a favour and try not to listen to them, we were just kids after all ;)


Terry Mitchell - Guitar and Vocals, Nick Mahoney - Bass, Wayne McCann - Drums

After working at Rogue Studios for around a year I joined a band that rehearsed there that was managed at the time by Blur's old manager, a fact that forced my hand into joining.

It wasn't always the best band but it was the most rock and roll, I don't think I've ever done so many gigs drunk. Many funny incidents happened including jumping off the bass drum and falling over, subsequently breaking the lead out of my guitar. On one other occasion I broke the neck on my favourite telecaster.

There are videos of this somewhere but since Wayne moved to Australia I think they are going to be hard to source.

A few songs stood out and all in all it was good fun.

Bad to the Bone

Jan Jensen - Drums, Ed Hudson - Guitar & Vocals, Dave Cooke - Guitar, Smiffy - Bass & Vocals

This was the first band I played in with Jan. Never a full member I was a perminent dep. A lot of the year I was either bass player, singer or lead guitarist of this band depending on who couldn't make the gig. We did so many shows that it felt like a real band rather than just a one off dep job. Great musicians and great crowds.

I believe that Ed and Smiffy are still doing bands in the South East of England.

The Latch

Lee Latchford Evans - Vocals, Simon Pinto - Guitar & Vocals, Andres Luengo - Drums, Steve Rickwood - Bass

I was the producer for this band but I played keyboards, guitar and bass for a lot of shows with Lee. He's a lovely bloke and the gigs were good fun. I've worked with Simon on lots of other one off gigs here or there. He's a great player, very different to me though.

A quick shout out to Dave Cooper, Dan Telander, Ed Cooper, Sean Colley, Ricky Dean Howard, Jon-Paul Harper and Sarah Bayley, all of which I have enjoyed sharing a stage with on many an occasion.