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Video Production

I've always had a keen interest in video production but it wasn't until technology had moved on a bit and I had something worth filming that I produced some things that I am proud of.

Recently I've made a lot more videos on my own YouTube channel and have been getting into animating, which eventually led to me making an almost entirely animated music video for my friends Cats In Space.

I've been involved in producing the last 4 Aussie Floyd DVD & Blu-Rays, the last 3 I directed and edited. I am proud of the last one Everything Under The Sun and also Eclipsed by the Moon reached number 2 in the German music video charts and number 5 in Austria, pretty good for a tribute band!

I also regularity contribute to the backdrop videos for the Aussie Floyd live show, here is where I do my most animation work.

In the summer of 2014 I filmed a video for the song 'First September' for my band Audial. Shot mostly in my front room in front of a dust sheet the whole thing had a budget of £36. I love pushing what can be done for little money.

I've occasionally been called on to edit something that someone else has filmed. I've included one such example in the portfolio below. That's the Katy Perry tribute video.

If you're interested in having me edit, conceive or direct your video / animation then please contact me via the contact page.

Click here to view the full portfolio playlist on YouTube